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Times Herald has a great article about the pay raises today.

I'm proud of you, Michael, and the Times Herald did a great job of explaining you were the only Cottrellville board member to fight against that big pay raise.

I'd vote for you again Mr. Zoran, but I wouldn't vote for those other board members.

Jennifer W.

Mike, you may have been outvoted 4-1 by those other greedy board members, but all the voters know you are the one who is correct.

Jamie P

I now know that Kelly is no longer endorsed by the Republican Party.

Kelly spit in the face of the Republican Party when she appointed the Democrat who ran against her as her Deputy Supervisor.

It doesn't make any sense to appoint a 100% inexperienced Deputy Supervisor to assist a 100% inexperienced Supervisor!

Mariner Man

Kelly Lisco reminds me of Tom Raymond. Kelly has appointed two of the five former Cottrellville board members as part of her staff.

And at the last meeting in March we learned that Kelly Lisco is not going to keep the promise to replace lazy Attorney John McNamee that she made to fundraiser sponsors. ... At least we now know Kelly won't be getting elected again.

We even received 100% confirmation that Kelly Lisco and Ken Chartier are liars (although we've known that about Good Ole' Boy Ken Chartier for decades).


Having his wages garnished is something Tom Raymond specialized in (and still does).

Everybody now says Kelly Fiscelli/Lisco is a female Tom Raymond.

Kelly's husband, Brent Lisco, is now having his wages garnished $15.

Court Case ID#: 12M02778GC

Just type "St. Clair County Court Dockets" into your Google search engine and then enter that Court Case ID# to see it for yourself.


Kelly Fiscelli/Lisco has now been arraigned for three serious crimes!

Court Case ID#: 13M01047OT

Three Crimes:




Obviously the only reason you would run away from the scene of an accident like this is because you are drunk...Something Kelly Fiscelli/Lisco and her husband Brent Lisco are known for being all the time.

Fingerprints were taken on April 18, 2013, and Kelly Fiscelli/Lisco has a trial with a jury coming up.

Rumors are circulating that Kelly is so guilty and unwilling to participate without being drunk that the lawyer she hired is considering dumping Kelly as a client.

Kelly Fiscelli/Lisco isn't just a female Tom Raymond. She is a female Tom Raymond with drunkness thrown in!


Kelly doesn't even tell people she is a grandmother!

That's right, Kelly's son, Ken Collier is the daddy of a daughter who is 6 years old!

Kelly puts his picture in literature in a military outfit to make it seem like he is a good kid. In reality Kenny doesn't even pay his child support.



You people elected Kelly and you did a poor job of judging her. You should have recognized she is a liar. I laugh SO HARD the way Kelly tries to tell people she is just like a kid. The people are usually dumb enough to believe her. Now I know Kelly is a grandmother. That's probably why she's always trying to hit on Ken Chartier.

Some people said Kelly thinks Chartier has a lot of money. But Ken Chartier just lost a building on Marine City Hwy and Starville Road to the bank that foreclosed on him. So Ken Chartier ain't got any money.

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