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Columbo Family

Cottrellville has never been as bad as it is now.

We have Tommy Kaufman who illegally tore down cabins without doing an asbestos inspection first.

Tommy Kaufman and his son didn't even care they were taking dangerous asbestos and putting it in the air and contaminating everything! This will cost the township tens of thousands of dollars.

Now we learn Sandy Keais hasn't lived her for going on two years!

We need to replace all five of these board members.

R. Chartier

WHO CARES if Sandy lives in Cottrellville or not!

WHO CARES if she is violating statutory law!

Whistleblowers like Mike are the ones who turn in guys like Kwame Kilpatrick, Curt Dumas, Matt Kovalcik, Kenny Chartier, and Tommy Kaufman every time they violate the law!

Get a life and stop worrying about death from asbestos. Let people make a living! All of us are going to die anyways so the illegal asbestos Kaufman is involved in doesn't really matter!

Jake Brown

I hope you enjoy reading these facts here, because you'll never read about them in The Voice newspaper.

My neighbor said the newspaper writer named Jeri Packer told her Cottrellville's Trustee Kenny Chartier requested that she not write about this subject.

The bad thing is that Jeri Packer promised Chartier she wouldn't write about Sandra Keais living in St. Clair or Tommy Kaufman illegally removing asbestos from the property after doing demolition without first doing an asbestos inspection.


All five of these board members need to be recalled.

Kevin L.

I didn't read a word of this article!

I don't care if Sandra Keais is violating the law!

I don't care if Tommy Kaufman and his dad T.K. have violated laws with asbestos!

I don't know any of those people whose lungs were contaminated with asbestos!

Elected people should not have to explain every time they do an illegal drug or drive drunk.

Mrs Maxwell

Everywhere I go, people tell me how corrupt Cottrellville is.

I CRY my EYES out because of this!

I saw the way Trustee Lori Russelburg tossed Sandra to the wolves!

Sandra was SHAKING she was SO SCARED when Mrs. Russleburg mercilessly said it was Sandra's job duty to be a registered voter in Cottrellville.

Inspector Basney

I did my homework.

I looked at the Freedom of Information Act.

The Freedom of Information Act reveals Sandra Keais lied on the Affidavit she submitted to be on the August Ballot to get elected as a Republican Precinct Delegate.

Sandra's Affidavit lists her address as Broadbridge Road in Cottrellville. But Sandra was not living in Cottrellville at the time she submitted that Affidavit. In fact, Sandra hadn't lived there in over a year!

This type of lie is a Felony according to the Affidavit!

R. Duetsch

We need to recall Sandra Keais.


All 5 of the board members need to be recalled.

I would never vote for them again.

I was at the last several meetings and saw the board members fighting amongst themselves more than ever.

I couldn't believe it when the Sheriff ended up needing to be called to the one meeting.

Eagle Scout

Everybody talked about how bad it was in Cottrellville when Tom Raymond was supervisor, and it was!

But it's way worse now with Kenny Chartier, Kelly Fiscelli, and Matt Kovalcik!

Matt Kovaclcik is even working behind the scenes to try to be the next supervisor in 2016!

Loyal Democrat

The St. Clair County Republican Party and U.S 10th District make me sick the way they allow their Republicans to get away with knowingly and deliberately violating Statutory Law with specific intent.

Republicans would never do the honorable thing and publicly ask these people violating the law the resign.

B. Basney

Tommy Kaufman and Kelly Fiscelli were cited by the DEQ for multiple Violations of Asbestos in February 2015!

TK & Associates LLC, Tommy Kaufman, and Kelly Fiscelli were all cited for violations of Demolition and Asbestos in the exact ways Michael said they would.

Looks like Michael Zoran ended up being right.

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